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At Kreuz Logistics, we are your premier partner for comprehensive logistics solutions. Headquartered in Louisville, KY, we specialize in providing efficient transportation services across the United States and Canada. With our advanced technology, transparent practices, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we offer tailored shipping solutions, expert carrier collaborations, and innovative tracking capabilities. As a leading logistics company, our mission is to redefine industry standards by bridging the gap between shippers and carriers, offering seamless integration, and driving success for businesses across North America.

What We Do

Why Choose Kreuz?


Kreuz Logistics stands on a foundation of transparency. Our communication is forthright and honest – with clients, carriers, and our team. Trust is paramount, earned through transparent actions and decisions. We build and nurture this trust with all stakeholders by maintaining openness. Our honesty extends to learning from mistakes and converting them into pathways for growth.

Sense of Urgency

In the dynamic world of logistics, speed is paramount. At Kreuz Logistics, we understand the urgency. Our streamlined processes ensure swift handling, making certain that our shipment reaches its destination on schedule. We’re dedicated to promptly addressing our clients’ needs, providing rapid solutions to meet their logistics requirements.


At Kreuz Logistics, precision matters. We strive for accuracy from the outset, whether it’s aligning the perfect shipper with carrier, estimating delivery times, or tracking shipments. Advanced technology empowers us, upholding accuracy for dependable information and services.


At Kreuz Logistics, compassion prevails. We truly care for clients, carriers, and staff. Their needs become ours, their struggles our fights. We extend this compassion to carriers, ensuring fairness, and to employees, fostering a supportive work environment. Every stakeholder is part of the Kreuz family.


Efficiency is our core at Kreuz Logistics. We’re dedicated to refining processes and boosting productivity through technology and innovation. This streamlined approach touches every facet, from carrier selection to customer service, providing exceptional value to clients and partners.


Kreuz Logistics embraces advanced tech, adapting to better serve clients. In a rapidly evolving industry, staying ahead is vital. We’re dedicated to innovation, seeking new technologies, methods, and ideas to enhance services, offering top-tier logistics and shipping solutions.

Carrier or Owner Operator?

Partner with us

Our Carrier and Owner Operators are pivotal collaborators in our shared journey. Our streamlined processes and transparent communication ensure seamless load matching and timely updates. Partnering with us means fair treatment, swift payments, and a platform where your expertise drives mutual success. Experience a carrier partnership that’s redefining logistics, join us today.

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A Different Kind of Logistics Broker

  • Advanced Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge tools for accurate tracking and transparency.
  • Diverse Load Types: Expertise in handling varied shipments, from delicate to oversized.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: Tailored options for every shipping requirement.
  • Reliable Partnerships: Building trust through open communication and collaboration.
  • Wide Coverage: Servicing the entire US and Canada for extensive reach.
  • Timely Deliveries: Ensuring shipments reach their destination on schedule.
  • Cost-Effective: Delivering value through optimized routes and cost-efficient solutions.
"I have worked with Randy's logistics team for about a year now. The logistics team does a really good job of making sure a carrier has all the correct information of the freight they will be hauling for their customer. They work hard to get fair compensation for the carrier, while being conscious of cost to their customers. Their communication with carrier and customer is excellent. They will look at all details and make sure the carrier and customer both understand what is happening in real time with the freight that is being moved."
- Mike Casteel with Circle Back Transport

Our Service Area

Our logistics reach extends throughout the United States and Canada, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your shipping needs.

Headquartered in Louisville, KY