Welcome to Kreuz Logistics, where partnership and innovation meet on the road to success. As a tech-savvy logistics powerhouse, we understand that carriers are the backbone of efficient supply chains. At Kreuz, we don’t just see you as a transporter of goods; we see you as an essential collaborator in our mission to redefine logistics. Join us in shaping a future where seamless integration, advanced technology, and mutual growth drive every mile. Discover how, as a carrier with Kreuz Logistics, you’ll experience a journey marked by trust, precision, and excellence.

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At Kreuz Logistics, we prioritize the success of our carrier partners from day one. Our streamlined onboarding process via Highway ensures that joining our network is a seamless experience.  Transparency remains paramount, as TriumphPay provides real-time payment status updates, guaranteeing that you’re always aware of the financial aspects of your partnership with us. With Kreuz Logistics, onboarding means gaining full visibility into loads, notes, and payment updates – a partnership designed to empower your company for growth and efficiency. Ready to Elevate Your Logistics Experience?

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Getting paid just got easier. TriumphPay offers a streamlined payment solution designed specifically for enhancing the payment process for carriers with Kreuz Logistics. Choose Kreuz’s competitive 2% 2-Day QuickPay, or keep your existing payment terms. Get visibility into all invoices and payments from one location and retain control of your cash flow.


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Get Paid Quickly

We value the essential role carriers play in the supply chain, and we believe in recognizing your efforts promptly. Our commitment to transparency and efficiency extends to our payment process. We understand that timely payments are crucial for your operations, which is why we prioritize swift and hassle-free settlements. With streamlined payments from TriumphPay, you can trust that your hard work will be rewarded promptly, allowing you to focus on what you do best – delivering goods across the miles. Partner with Kreuz Logistics to keep your operations running smoothly.

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We Empower Carriers

We understand that a successful partnership is built on mutual trust and support. That’s why we’re committed to keeping our carriers loaded with consistent opportunities. As a carrier partnering with us, you become an integral part of our extended family, and your success is our priority. We leverage our industry expertise and network to provide you with a steady flow of loads that match your capacity and preferences. Our dedication to transparency and open communication ensures that you’re always in the loop about available loads and routes. At Kreuz Logistics, we value your role in the supply chain, and we’re here to empower you with the resources you need to thrive. Join us in forging a partnership that drives your success forward.

Secure Partnerships with Kreuz's Strong Credit

When you partner with us you’re aligning with a company that understands the importance of financial stability in the logistics industry. We take pride in maintaining a strong credit profile, which not only reflects our commitment to responsible business practices but also benefits our carrier partners. Our solid financial foundation means you can rely on us for timely and consistent payments, allowing you to confidently manage your operations and plan for growth. At Kreuz Logistics, we believe that a reliable partnership is built on trust and transparency, and our strong credit is a testament to our dedication to fostering secure and lasting collaborations with carriers like you.

D-U-N-S number: 083752776

Effective Communication for Seamless Collaboration

Effective communication is the compass that guides successful partnerships, and at Kreuz Logistics, we prioritize keeping our carriers informed every step of the way. Our commitment to clear and open channels of communication ensures that you’re always in sync with the latest updates, load information, and any relevant changes. Whether it’s load details, route adjustments, or any queries you might have, our dedicated team is readily available to address your needs promptly. With Kreuz Logistics, you can trust that you’re part of a collaboration built on understanding and transparency. Join us and experience the power of seamless communication that drives success for carriers like you.

I have worked with Randy's logistics team for about a year now. The logistics team does a really good job of making sure a carrier has all the correct information of the freight they will be hauling for their customer. They work hard to get fair compensation for the carrier, while being conscious of cost to their customers. Their communication with carrier and customer is excellent. They will look at all details and make sure the carrier and customer both understand what is happening in real time with the freight that is being moved.
- Mike Casteel with Circle Back Transport

Servicing North America: Kreuz Logistics' Coverage in Canada and the US

We proudly offer our comprehensive services across Canada and the United States. Our extensive network allows us to provide seamless logistics solutions that span the entire North American continent. Whether your shipments need to traverse the vast landscapes of Canada or navigate the intricate routes of the US, Kreuz is your trusted partner for efficient and reliable transportation. With a deep understanding of regional regulations, customs procedures, and local nuances, we ensure that your goods are transported smoothly and securely, no matter the destination within North America.